PROGRAM SIMPLESYS - This program uses the equations and concepts developed in Chapter 14 of this book to calculate the performance of a highly simplified solar thermal energy system. The model is based on an instantaneous energy balance and a simple constant-temperature control system. Simplified analytical models of insolation, collector performance and heat loss are used so as not to hide the fundamental energy balance at its core. The techniques used here may be refined to any level of sophisitcation required by the user, in order to closer reflect the system and location of interest. If electrical output is desired, application of a power conversion efficiency is all that is needed to obtain this result.

Note: Test case values are defaults below. Change them to anything you want.

Rate of Energy Demand (QL) - (kW) =
Maximum (noon) Collector Field Output (CM) - (kW) =
Energy to Heat-up Field Piping (EP) - (kWh) =
Rate of Energy Loss from Field Piping (QF) - (kW) =
Storage Capacity (SM) - (kWh) =
Energy Initially in Storage (ES) - (kWh) =
Rate of Energy Loss from Storage (SL) - (kW) =
System Turn-on Time (h) =
System Turn-off Time (h) =
Number of Days to Run This Simulation =